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To Know More About Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is commonly used to insulate and protect electric components in different sectors, thanks to its dielectric strength and heath resistance.

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PVC Electrical Tape log Roll (Imported)

Pvc Insulation Tape Logs Roll is typically used to create air-tight seals and overlapping joints.PVC tape provides good insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardant, and weather resistance.

PVC Electrical Tape log Roll (Indian)

Water Base Log Roll is used for insulate electrical wires , insulate other material that conduct electricity and make minor repairs to damaged wires . Available in ISI certified and non ISI.and other small machines.

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (Wire Harness)

Wire Harness Pvc Insulation Tape Protecting the wires is crucial to the safety of the vehicle. Wires exposed to high temperatures, erosive chemicals and projectiles will be damaged.

Insulation Friction Tape

Friction tape is commonly used to improve the grip on various sporting implements, including tennis racquets, baseball bats, and hockey sticks. It is also used similarly on the handlebars of bicycles, dirt bikes, lawnmowers, and other small machines that require gripping or steering.

PVC Electrical Tape

PVC tape is a flexible polyvinyl chloride film coated with a specially formulated adhesive that provides excellent adhesion. It is typically used to create air-tight seals on PVC fitting covers or seal overlapping joints of PVC jacketing.

PVC Tape

PVC tape is flexible polyvinyl chloride film coated with a specially formulated adhesive that provides excellent adhesion. It is typically used to create air-tight seals on PVC fitting covers or seal overlapping joints of PVC jacketing.


When choosing a PVC tape supplier it is crucial to take into account aspects like product quality, availability, and cost. Safety is always the major concern when using any electrical tools. One well-known name in the adhesive tape manufacturer industry is Silver Shine Adhesive LLP. When utilising our products, we guarantee your safety. As a maker of adhesive tape, we are producing a huge package in a variety of colours for industrial application. To give clients satisfied sticky products, our company consistently upholds the service benefits of multi-variety, personalised, high-grade, and exceptional quality. Jumbo tape rolls, insulation friction tape, wire harness tape, electrical insulation, and other applications for commercial applications are all available in our variety of electrical tape.


PVC Insulation Tape Feature's

  • Reliable Self-Extinguishing Electrical Insulation Tape.

  • Stretchable, Grips firmly & Molds Itself to Any Surface.

  • Insulation & Protection to Wires of Electrical Appliances & Machines.

  • Resistance to Acids, Alkalis and Oil.

  • Guaranteed Length, Water Proof, Weather Proof and Non-Ageing.

  • Holding and Insulations Various Transformers, Capacitors, communications system and instruments.

Importance of Electrical Tapes in Wiring Applications

  •   Insulation, support, and protection for electrical components are all things that electrical tapes offer, and these things are all crucial in wiring applications.

  •  Wires and other electrical components can be shielded with electrical tape from harm caused by moisture, heat, chemicals, and other environmental variables.

  •   Wires and other electrical components can be held firmly in place with electrical tapes, minimising the possibility of movement or damage as a result of vibration or impact.

  •   Electrical tapes come in a range of colours, making it simple to distinguish between the various wires and parts of a wiring system.

  •   Electrical tapes are easy to use and wrap the wires and other electrical components.

  •   They are also useful on a variety of surfaces and in both low-voltage and high-voltage applications.

Choose the Right PVC Tape Supplier

When choosing a PVC tape manufacturer, there are numerous factors to consider. Always go with the vendor who offers you the best goods that have been examined for durability and quality. By choosing us as your supplier, we can guarantee that you will receive high-quality items at a fair price, with dependable availability and superior customer service. By analysing costs from many PVC tape suppliers to make sure you are obtaining a reasonable price for high-quality products, we will reassure you that we are the best option for any type of PVC electrical wire tape product. For your industrial use, we are always prepared to provide you with choices for customization, such as unique sizes, colours, and packaging.

Quality Parameters

The quality of our products and its application across industries are determined by the following factors. We pride ourselves in adhering to the standards laid down by the industry by maintaining consistency across all the important factors.


Property that signifies how fast the tape will start making bonds with the Substrate.


Property that denotes the strength of bond between the tape and the substrate.

Tensile Strength

It measures the strength of the tape and denotes maximum weight a tape can survive.

Holding Power

Signifies the probability of bond formation between the tape and its substrate


person graphic

It protects against electric shocks. Using electric tape can help protect against electric shock.

It helps prevent fires. Electric tape helps prevent short circuits and fires caused by electrical wires or cables touching each other.

It provides sound isolation between conductors. Since the tape is made from rubber or plastic

For decorative purposes. You may also use the electric tape for decorative purposes such as wrapping around outlets and light bulbs.

Why Choose Us

As the top PVC tape company, we provide a variety of goods to satisfy a variety of demands. This implies that you can get specialised solutions to suit your needs and locate the ideal product for your particular application. We are always available to give outstanding customer service by swiftly answering questions, outlining our offerings, and giving technical support. This implies that you can get the assistance you require to decide wisely and take care of any issues. Your purchases will be delivered on time and in good condition thanks to our dependable shipping and delivery system. For a better understanding of all types of electrical wire tape, we as a provider of electrical tape offer on-site training, online training, or training materials that come with the product.

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We are a recognised PVC tape supplier with high-quality PVC tape products that satisfy the need and demands of the electrical industry. We ensure that our goods undergo examination for quality and durability and that they adhere to industry standards and laws. As a PVC tape supplier, we are maintaining our position in the industry by providing competitive pricing for PVC tape products. The PVC tape manufacturer provides electrical and mechanical applications, as appropriate. These tapes are very versatile and offer outstanding comfort and adherence. Mechanical and electrical insulation is provided by electrical insulation tapes. It has good comfort and adhesion and is quite flexible. Get specialised goods and services from us that are tailored to the demands of your sector.


Electrical tape is a safety tape for wires, used to cover and insulate a broad range of cables, wires and other materials that conduct electricity. It’s often referred to as insulating (or thermal insulation) tape, and its uses in workplace and home settings are widespread.

Polyvinyl chloride is used to make PVC tape, which is commonly used for bundling, wrapping, and sealing. Electrical tape, on the other hand, is a type of PVC tape that is used to insulate electrical lines and other components. Electrical adhesive tapes provide both electrical insulation and mechanical protection. Some examples are:

  • ● Electrical tape can also be used to colour-code wires to make them easier to recognise.
  • ● Electrical tape is even stronger in terms of stickiness and temperature resistance.
  • ● It is widely used in plumbing, DIY, sealing and building jobs to repair or protect materials.
  • ● PVC tape has excellent insulating properties, as well as pressure resistance, flame retardancy, and weather resistance.

The dielectric strength affects the performance of PVC electrical tape. Electrical tape will offer more insulation the stronger its dielectric properties are. Insulation tape is durable electrical insulation that self-extinguishes. Wiring joints are totally and permanently insulated as a result. It is naturally water-resistant. PVC tape is a superior insulator that withstands pressure, flame, and elements. Electrical insulation tape is a prerequisite for any electrical installation in order to fully insulate from shock. The electrical insulating tape has been approved as a result of its excellent stretch, adhesion, and conformability properties. Insulation, waterproofness, fire resistance.

Electrical PVC tape comes in a variety of varieties. They are all designed for various objectives. Making the proper tape type selection for your needs is crucial.

  • ● PVC Insulation Tape: This tape is often used to make overlapping seams and airtight seals.
  • ● PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (Made of PVC Cable Harness): The safety of the vehicle depends on the protection of the wires. Projectiles and high temperatures will all destroy wires.
  • ● Insulation Friction Tape: Friction tape is frequently applied to enhance the grip of a variety of athletic equipment, such as tennis racquets, baseball bats, and hockey sticks.
  • ● Electrical PVC Tape: Electrical PVC tape is a flexible polyvinyl chloride film covered with a highly effective adhesive.

When selecting a tape, its qualities and the material it is made of are crucial factors to consider. The quality of the electrical supply and the site's safety depends on picking the appropriate electrical tape because not all electrical tapes are created equal. The electrical vinyl tape has several uses. A good tape will produce a tight seal that can withstand corrosive impurities even if its primary function is to insulate. PVC tape must be used if you wish to fully shield wiring or appliances from shock. Every material has a varied dielectric strength, and the qualities of the tape are largely dependent on the material. Silver Since Adhesive PVC electrical tape is made of a non-conductive material.

When working with any electrical appliances, it's crucial to keep a few things in mind in order to apply PVC electrical tape properly. Prior to applying the tape, check to make sure the area is clean, dry, and free of any debris. It must be wired unplugged from the socket if you plan to use it on cables, cuts, or any other equipment. The tape should then be unrolled from the roll and slightly stretched to activate the adhesive. Next, stick the tape to the surface by starting at one end and wrapping it around while pressing firmly. It's crucial to remember that the tape should be put straight and shouldn't be stretched out too much because doing so could eventually lead the tape to lose its adhesive characteristics.

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