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Ensuring excellent durability and reliability for all your electrical insulation needs. They are coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures a secure and long-lasting bond

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Welcome to Silver Shine Adhesive LLP

Silver Shine Adhesive LLP is one of the leading tape importers and manufacturers in India, engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of various types of Pressure Sensitive Self Adhesive Industrial tapes. We also cater to highly customized industrial requirements. Our company is enriched with the latest infrastructure of machinery and R&D Labs.

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Made from standard and premium quality plasticised PVC. Strong Adhesion: Coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive. Durable: Provides long-lasting and reliable insulation for electrical applications.

Why Choose Bijli PVC Tapes?

Bijli PVC tapes offer superior performance, ensuring your electrical connections are secure and protected. With a commitment to quality and reliability, Bijli tapes are the go-to choice for both professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

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High-quality PVC Electrical Tape from Silver Shine Adhesive LLP

At Silver Shine Adhesive LLP, we are dedicated to manufacturing top-notch PVC electrical tape. Our commitment to quality ensures that our products are both reliable and durable, meeting the needs of various electrical applications.

High Security

Our PVC electrical tapes are designed to offer superior insulation and security.

Easy Customization

Our tapes can be easily customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency.

What’s Our Customer Say About Silver Shine

Discover why industry leaders trust Silver Shine Adhesive LLP. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers and see how our innovative adhesive solutions have transformed their operations.

Ananya Sharma / Mumbai
Silver Shine Adhesive LLP provided exceptional quality tapes that exceeded our industrial needs. Their customized solutions are unmatched. Highly recommended!
Rohit Mehta / Delhi
The pressure-sensitive tapes from Silver Shine Adhesive LLP have significantly improved our production efficiency. Their innovative approach and excellent customer service stand out!
Priya Desai / Bengaluru
We've been using Silver Shine Adhesive LLP's products for over a year now. The durability and reliability of their industrial tapes are superb. Truly a top-notch manufacturer!